Garden Birdsong Gauntlet

£11.99 Incl Vat


Appreciate nature indoors with Madeleine Floyd's Garden Birdsong oven gauntlet, bringing both practicality and style into your kitchen!

The design, drawn by hand, showcases a variety of beautifully illustrated bird breeds, intricately drawn feathers and colourful tree species that are available in this protective kitchen accessory. The glove's quilted inner layer is made of high-quality cotton, which provides excellent insulation against heat. Additionally, the glove is adorned with a complimentary teal trim that enhances the appeal of this vibrant design.

Madeleine's Garden Birdsong range is perfect for gifting to nature enthusiasts and lovers of birds!

  • One Size
  • 17 x 33 x 2.5cm
  • Easy Hang Loop
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